How can I check my tire pressure and condition on my RV?

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Here is how to check your RV tire pressure and tire condition. Full instructions by the Adventure RV Center Service Manager.

  1. Inspect tire sidewalls

    Inspect tire sidewalls both inside and outside for cracking, bulging, or abrasions.  rv tire sidewall example

  2. Inspect tire tread for cracking between the treads

    Inspect tire tread for cracking between the treads, and check to make sure that the tread is wearing evenly. The majority of the causes of uneven wear can be traced back to improper tire inflation or alignment issues. 

  3. Check tire inflation pressure

    After visual inspection, it’s time to check for correct tire inflation pressure.  The correct pressures can be found on the label on the driver’s side front corner of your RV.  All tire pressures are quoted and checked at cold tire pressure after the RV has been sitting.  If no label is found on the RV you can also check the sidewall of the tire for recommended pressure. label for tire pressure on an rv

  4. Increase or decrease tire pressure

     Increase or decrease the tire pressure to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. letting out air of an rv tire

  5. Bring to RV professional with further questions

    As always if you are not comfortable with the inspection or inflation bring your RV to a certified tire care professional.

Give Adventure RV Center a call at 701-277-1165 if you have any questions about the safety, performance, or functionality of your RV tires.

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