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We are a Fargo RV Dealer conveniently located in West Fargo, ND.

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Adventure RV is located in West Fargo, ND and began in 1987 at WestGo Square offering great values to camping families.

Today, Adventure RV Center gives you personal service as you shop for your next RV! We are a family owned and operated RV sales and service dealership located in West Fargo, ND and carry a full lineup of fish houses, fifth wheel, travel trailer, toy haulers, and many other units.

We are a Fargo RV Dealer conveniently located in West Fargo, ND.


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6 Things That Impressed Me About The Glacier Fish House

glacier ice houses

In today’s world, people are avoiding crowds, hotels, and even the family trip to Disneyland. Families are exploring new ventures without going long distances and spending a fortune.

We have seen a summer explosion in the camping industry. Families are purchasing their first camper and heading to the lake or area campground. Many families are even looking to purchase a GLACIER RV/ice house.

We are seeing families opening a door to a GLACIER RV/ice house and are astonished by the options of a so-called fish house. They are finding all the luxury of home PLUS an RV they can use year-round. Now, the whole family can enjoy the outdoors while social distancing in a GLACIER all summer long – then roll into the ice fishing season this winter using the same RV.

What should a beginner look for in a camping & ice fishing RV’s? I have ice fished and camped for 50 years in many different brands of campers and fish houses. Some good, some not so good. You should take a close look at the GLACIER ice houses for your family’s year-round enjoyment or have an ice house just for the winter season.

Here’s my first impression about the GLACIER ice house:

  1. The colors really stand out. If you want to match the color of your pickup, they have a color that will look sharp going down the highway!!
  2. They have well-sealed windows. Each window is installed and sealed as if they are household windows. No gaps and they looked secure enough to drive over rough ice on the lake in January.
  3. The roof on the 16′ model and larger are fully trussed 3/8″ plywood. What does that mean? They are built to sustain a large snow load and heavy weight. I even saw a picture of 9 guys standing on a GLACIER roof. I CHALLENGE you to have one of our competitors sales guys climb on top of their TIN roofs and walk around. GLACIER’S quality and workmanship is the highest in the industry.
  4. Leak-free base. I remember asking a sales guy at GLACIER “what is this down here”? He explained GLACIER engineers solved a problem where fish houses have water leaks at the base of the floor and where the side wall meets with what he called a J-channel. Again, does the competition have this feature built into their trailers? Check them out for yourself.
  5. Strong lift system. GLACIER uses a 1 3/4″ strap that will carry 6000 lbs and will not rust VS the competition’s cable with only a 1200 lb capacity. Which would you rather have?
  6. WOW factor. Opening the door to the GLACIER ice house RV, I thought, “this is nicer than my house!” The Inland Red Cedar lines walls stand out, giving it the WOW factor. GLACIER has many models and floor plans available, so you can get an ice house as nice as any high end camper. The windows are large dual paned. Several models have full bathrooms, AC, full kitchens, power beds, power awnings, etc. Of course, for the guy just wanting an ice house for you and your buddy, GLACIER has those too.

If you have thought about a fish house or a camper RV/ice house, stop and visit us at ADVENTURE RV CENTER and check out the GLACIERS. You will be amazed by the quality, look and feel. Spend a night on the ice or at the campsite with your family – it will be an adventure your kids will remember for a lifetime!

Greg Harvey